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YTS redirects to new domain switched to the new domain in order to bypass website blocking of the popular domain ( is a copycat of the shut down YIFY torrent site.

Many movie torrent sites claim to be a legit replacement of the defunct YIFY Torrents / YTS Movies torrent site. The site is a popular imposter claiming to be the original YTS.

The list of YTS / YIFY torrent clones include:

  • YIFY Torrent
    (, a movie torrent index)
    (, yts torrents clone site)
  • (mirror of
  • YTS.World
    (, for Bollywood/Hollywood/Hindi movies only)
    (, torrent movie index)
  • YIFY Movies
    (, yet another torrent movie site)
  • YIFY Movie Torrent
    (, more movie torrents under the YIFY clone umbrella)
    (, another YIFY torrents clone)
  • YTS Download
    ( is a torrent movie index with magnet links)
    (, movie index using the original YTS design)
  • YIFY Torrent
    (, copycat with original’s logo)
  • YIFY Torrent (2)
    (, is a proxy of
    ( is yet another clone with a different design)
  • YIFY Movies Online
    (, YIFY clone using the YTS brand)
  • YIFY Movies
    (actually not a torrent site but streaming aggregator)
    (not a torrent site but movie streams aggregator)
    (another clone similar to and indexed by Torrentz2)
  • YIFY Torrents
    (, down)
  • YIFY Movies Torrents
    (, down)

(updated November 29, 2017)

YTS is a clone of the original and former YIFY torrents. The site is suspected to be operated by the same company that does takeover the original EZTV website. For that reason is avoided by many users in the torrenting scene.

When Torrentfreak reported about, the company behind updated a former post to say it was just trying to recover YTS torrent files and the sites look and feel for fans. TorrentFreak posted a long article revealing that this site had no affiliation with the original YTS, despite what it’s website said at the time. Hundreds of thousands of visitors had already gone to the new site, believing it to be the old YTS since they used the same logo and website design.

YTS’s blog said they took action to get YIFY releases back out to the public and salvage YIFY data. It states: An answer to all the negative allegations made to our team: YES, YTS.AG is the closest thing that anybody can get to being the REAL website for new the YIFY group releases. Unfortunately, classic YIFY releases are no more…

Many copycats came up claiming to be the real YTS YIFY site. Anyhow, YTS shut down it’s operation in 2015 forever. There is no real YTS torrent site, only more or less successful YTS YIFY clones. Everybody has to decide on its own wich YTS site is legit or not.

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YTS Alternative Sites

Official domains used as an alternative to in 2019.

Legit and save YTS sites

There are YTS proxy sites, alternative URLs and mirror sites. Some of them are legit and trustworthy while others may harm a visitors computer or try to make profit by misleading users to malicious adverts.

How do you know which YTS site you can use safely?

Check the official IRC channels, Reddits, Twitter or Facebook profiles or simply have a look on the status page providing a list of verified links.

Status Updates and Notes

New domain

11/2017 redirects to its new domain

YTS.AG domain


YTS.AG claims to be the legit YTS domain for YIFY

18 comments for YTS

  • Hacker 3 years ago

    Join this torrent

  • Esha 2 years ago

    No comment, huh ?

  • manish 2 years ago


  • common sense 2 years ago

    YIFI “died” a long time ago: this is an imposter who stole the name and layout.

    Now..will you “trust” such a low life to be “clean”?

  • common sense 2 years ago

    btw: THAT’S WHY most torrents sites and ISP block this guy….

  • segit 2 years ago

    can’t believe there are so many copycats. bunch of trash

  • feralhunta 2 years ago

    who do ya trust then ? i used ahashare till it shut down,eztv arent keeping up with episodes and frequently rename old episodes and post them up.where to now ? i like my tv shows.

  • the man unknown 1 year ago

    just to let you all know I got the real yts yifi movies site that is still ran by the same person but many other people post movies on them also

    • the man unknown 1 year ago

      these websites here are fake

  • Nicodemus mcelhinney 1 year ago

    Yts ag the best legit website in this business has to offer..there’s no other site comes close to them with better service & legit high quality standard..

  • Yoo9090 1 year ago

    This is legit. Ignore the morons who claim it’s a fake

  • Free the internet 1 year ago

    Works. 100% real

  • Ben 1 year ago

    I remember to avoid YIFY because the soundtrack is always ripped down to mp3 stereo… Trash.

  • Gul Sanobar 8 months ago


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