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SkyTorrents has shut down

The privacy focused torrent search has shut down.

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A list of alternative torrent search sites can be found here. This list includes:

(updated February 28, 2017)

SkyTorrents is a privacy focused torrent search engine. This means that the site wants to operate without advertising and tracking. SkyTorrents promises not to track user behaviour and does not use cookies, user logins or JavaScript.

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  • An admirer 3 months ago

    Hi, This is a message to mfcorrea. I would like so much to see the remastered versions of the Sissi trilogy with German audio (+ French) and English subtitles.
    In advance thanks.

  • jeancy 1 month ago

    c’est tre bien

  • gfghdfg 4 weeks ago

    Database backup: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:198640b3ebc0a62c4093d5b523a41411f48f3db7&dn=SkyTorrents%20Dump&

  • Okombi 1 day ago

    C’est bon

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