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New SkyTorrents version online

A version of SkyTorrents has been launched under the domain The new site imitates the look and feel of the original It is not clear wether the torrents indexed on are related to the torrents database dump shared by Skytorrents operator or are sourced by another way.

SkyTorrents has shut down

The privacy focused torrent search has shut down. The torrent search’s admin made available the site’s database of more than 15 million torrents.

SkyTorrents alternatives

A list of alternative torrent search sites can be found here. This list includes:

(updated Mai 8th, 2018)

SkyTorrents is a privacy focused torrent search engine. This means that the site wants to operate without advertising and tracking. SkyTorrents promises not to track user behaviour and does not use cookies, user logins or JavaScript.

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  • An admirer 1 year ago

    Hi, This is a message to mfcorrea. I would like so much to see the remastered versions of the Sissi trilogy with German audio (+ French) and English subtitles.
    In advance thanks.

  • jeancy 1 year ago

    c’est tre bien

  • gfghdfg 12 months ago

    Database backup: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:198640b3ebc0a62c4093d5b523a41411f48f3db7&dn=SkyTorrents%20Dump&

  • Okombi 11 months ago

    C’est bon

  • john 11 months ago

    seems back up at

  • alfred 7 months ago


  • Frigate1 2 months ago

    Be warned, requires you to add an extension to CHROME that has the nasty habit of making BING your search engine, no matter what you set as your default search engine, it will flash let’s say duckduckgo and then replace it with BING. This just started recently but is a big no-no for me.

  • Logesh waran 4 weeks ago


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