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Torrent links reappeared on Torrentz2

After weeks without links to any torrent site, Torrentz2 is back and operational as a torrent search “combining results from dozens of search engines”.

Torrentz2 stopped serving torrent links

Without any notice all links to external torrent sites disappeared from the torrent search index For downloading torrents from, visitors can simply copy and paste the torrent hash directly into a torrent client. The torrent client will treat it as a magnet link and starts downloading. Browser add-ons like Magnet Links for Torrentz automatically convert the torrent hash to a magnet link. It adds magnet links to torrents on the Torrentz2 search results page and torrent single pages.

(updated January 12, 2018) is a clone of Torrentz, a fast and powerful torrent meta-search engine combining results from dozens of torrent sites. Torrentz2 appeared some days after the original site removed the torrent search option. With a massive 75 torrent sites in their index and with a total of 55 million torrents, it certainly has a wide coverage. While adding extra features such as torrent quality voting (fake, password, virus) and an overview of the latest verified music, movies and TV torrents, the site has grown a large user base. Verified and Good torrents can be found for moderated torrent sites only.

Torrentz2 is open about the fact that it is not related to the original Torrentz ( and positions itself as a new and improved version. The sites growth shows that it is widely accepted as an alternative to the former

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Torrentz2 Torrent Search
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blocked in 7 countries

Torrentz2 Alternative Sites

Official domains used as an alternative to in 2019.

Legit and save Torrentz2 sites

There are Torrentz2 proxy sites, alternative URLs and mirror sites. Some of them are legit and trustworthy while others may harm a visitors computer or try to make profit by misleading users to malicious adverts.

How do you know which Torrentz2 site you can use safely?

Check the official IRC channels, Reddits, Twitter or Facebook profiles or simply have a look on the status page providing a list of verified links.

Status Updates and Notes

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    Please provide us more Hollywood dub movies.

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