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  • a gift 2 years ago

    i have worked in the music industry for many years but now i cannot take it any longer.
    Fact: the music and lyris of some of the most popular and chart topping songs of the last deccade were written by just one person and that one person has recived not one iota of recognition nor a penny in royalties.
    Musicans such as Dave ghrol, Kanye West, Kasabian, Alphabeat, Scouting for girls, MGNT, The Killers and pretty much everything produced by Timberland are guilty of plagorism. These people who activly speak out against piracy are infact guilty of piracy themselves.
    Whats more Ice based Disney princess films have profited from this one person.
    Now, you can belive me or not, act or not, irrespective of what you choose to do impress it on all your friends and desendents that you have been lied to, not only by the indiiduals themseles but by the same corporations who are trying to shut you down, let it be known and tell as many people as you can.
    Expose this hypocrasy, hack away, find these recordings and find Alex and you will have all the ammunition you need to fuck these people over the same way the fucked me.
    Or dont, hide behind your proxies and name changes, put your servers in space i dont care but you and all of us will miss out on this opportunity to level the playing field.
    Best of luck.

  • nick 2 years ago

    illiterate wanker!

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