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Password protected torrent download

Torrent downloads from are password protected. Various site users have complaint about file passwords. Once a download is finished there’s not notice how to unlock the files.

Hidden torrent links

Every torrent link on on is hidden by a linking service. Visitors will see many advertisements before the torrent can be download.

Many users do not trust this site. They don’t rate it save or legit.

Torrent Games is a gaming torrent sites providing torrent downloads for games of all genres.

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13 comments for Torrent Games

  • zic 1 year ago

    fake download site, please do not use it! files are password protected but you’ll never find the password. instead you’ll find lots of ads.

  • TT 1 year ago

    FAKE site. torrents not working

  • Verified User 12 months ago

    Not recommended, Files are password protected. You will need to go through lots of surveys to get passwords which you won’t find.

  • Satish 10 months ago

    Love you FD

  • dawdaw 9 months ago

    FAKE WEBSITE don’t waste your fvcking time with this fvcking site. Password is trully fuck!!

  • Celph 8 months ago

    After you complete said surveys if you even are able to do so you still don’t get a password to access the downloaded file, you end up downloading gigs upon gigs to get the game you want only to find out that you can’t even access it. This site is a load of shit and shouldn’t be up, all it does it make you fill out surveys for companies they get paid from. There’s so many legit sites that don’t fool around with making you fill out surveys and leave you with an unusable download. There are some sites that require a password to unzip the file but they provide the password or list that the password is the name of the site you downloaded your torrent from. Torrent games can kiss my ass!

  • baji 6 months ago

    this will f*ck your ass……… we cant find passwoed if they given in the link also

  • Naai Hater 4 months ago


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