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8 comments for The Magnet Bay

  • raybatman777 2 years ago

    what happen to those proxy torrent websites

  • pussyman999 2 years ago

    fucking assholes takeing down torrent websites there will be a day when no torrent sites will all gone no more god that sucks

  • pussyman999 2 years ago

    that fucking thing thay all was say the torrent sites are makeing hollywood lose money are you goddame kiddy me hollywood all was loses money on the movies thay put out those sites dont make them lose money far as i no

  • raybatman777 2 years ago

    when thay take them down some of the torrent websites come back again not the same ones as before there cones of the other ones i thing

  • raybatman777 2 years ago

    the torrent sites are now goneing down faster and faster man that fucking sucks going to have go out a buy the moves and t.v. shows box sets if all of them go down and down come back that it what can you do you no

  • greatguy1999 2 years ago

    what happen to the [the magnet bay.net] torrent site please lett me no ok thanks

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  • xxx888 6 months ago

    god that fucking sucks when all the torrent sites go down and dont come back

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