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Nyaa Pantsu is currently down

The Nyaa replacement is down but partly accessible through Cloudflare’s proxy.


A list of alternative anime torrent sites

A Nyaa mirror created from database dumb. The Nyaa replacement /mirror was set up by a team of Nyaa’s mods. Pantsu Nyaa currently hosts all torrents up to April 5 May 1, 2017. The databases are being hosted at and There is a torrent search function, and (almost) full Nyaa functionality is being worked on. Seeder/Leecher statistics will not be restored due to the lack of a torrent tracker. Pantsu Nyaa created it’s own torrent tracker called

The source code (written in golang) of replacement was published on GitHub. With this setup everyone is able to deploy a Nyaa mirror locally or remotely.

A Nyaa Sukebei alternative can be found here: Nyaa Pantsu Sukebei.

(Updated May 5, 2017)

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  • KaZaam 2 years ago

    the Nyaa index is a bit outdated…

  • joga 2 years ago

    cool thanks!

  • Zanara 2 years ago

    and it’s down too

  • smith 2 years ago

    thanks! cool!!!!!!

  • Anon 2 years ago isn’t just a mirror. They have their own tracker.

    • manju 2 years ago

      …but they started without tracker > ‘We now have our own Tracker called’

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