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Yet another Nyaa replacement of the defunct anime torrent site NyaaTorrents.
Nyaa.si was started a while after the Nyaa Pantsu mirror appeared and is supported by fansub group HorribleSubs.

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10 comments for Nyaa

  • Rai 1 year ago

    is it down?

  • sebo 1 year ago

    is nyaa.si or Nyaa Pantsu recommended?

    • 2dice 10 months ago

      Pantsu, because nyaa.si is cartel shit.

  • sammo 1 year ago

    On nyaa.si more peers and seeds at the moment.

  • asd 1 year ago

    Nyaa.si was started in private on the same day Nyaa.se was confirmed kill, not after Pantsu.

    • Teo 1 year ago

      a private launch is not recognized by the public

    • coon hunter 12 months ago

      stop giving out wrong information please.

  • Omanko Eater 6 months ago

    is nyaa domain down? i cant seem to search there

  • pantsu.is.shit 6 months ago

    pantsu is just a scraping wannabe, scraping from the cartel

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