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NotWhat.CD is a ratio-based torrent tracker for music. When former (WCD) shut down, many new music torrent trackers came up to welcome What.CD users. NWCD  has become a successful shelter for many What.CD users.

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9 comments for NotWhat.CD

  • Cmars 1 year ago

    Hi. I’m a listener and I’ve just discovered your existence. Do you have a new invite or is it possible to have an invite ?
    A lost new music lover

    • Mehran 1 year ago

      please invite me

  • Christopher Clay 1 year ago

    Hello my name is Christopher and i am a music lover i was hoping to find a great new and safe
    place to find new and old music i have music to share as well
    If new invites are welcomed i would love one please and thank you
    Christopher [email protected]

  • John 1 year ago

    Hi, how do I get an invite? I was a huge fan of whatCD before it was shutdown…can someone please send me an invite to: [email protected]

    For privacy I go by John Doe…

  • JD 12 months ago

    been looking around for a what replacement and just came across this. torrentday only has so much… would love an invite: [email protected]. Like the previous reply, my email account goes by “john doe” as well.

  • DJ 11 months ago

    Hey, can you invite me? [email protected]

  • Eli 10 months ago

    I used What. for over 10 years and have been left with a void in my life musically. Please send me an invite [email protected]

  • gaussian 9 months ago

    Please send me an invite T _T
    [email protected]

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