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Metal Tracker (MT) is down is currently unavailable and shows a 504 Gateway Time-out error on it’s website.

Metal Tracker (MT) is a Russian torrent tracker featuring many metal genres (Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal, Folk Metal), Rock and Heavy music. The metal music tracker is available in an English and Russian version.

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site status down
private tracker invite only – signups closed Proxy

Status Updates and Notes

14 comments for Metal Tracker

  • Fabris 12 months ago

    Don’t Work……

    • Hevat 12 months ago

      Still Don’t Work…….

      • name 12 months ago

        Yeah i need dowload music :v

      • Names 12 months ago

        Feelsbad i need music

  • charlie 12 months ago

    what’s going on? WE NEED METAL

  • Unsatisfied User 9 months ago

    Good library of music. However, I still cannot recommend supporting them.

    They have 10 year old moderators that delete any comment they disagree with, and will ban you before you even have a single reply on the forums.

    Even though the rules state they will hand out warnings if you happen to break any rules, they don’t.

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  • Metal head 119 1 month ago

    it’s not down. I use it daily.

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