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IPTorrents (IPT) is a general private tracker and part of a tracker network that gained bad reputation among the private tracker community. Sites supposed to belong to this network include TorrentDay (TD), Torrenting (TT), Deildu, Speed.cd (SPD) and Scenetime (ST).

IPT has been criticized for attacking (DDosSing) other trackers, stealing peers from other trackers, selling invites and scamming their own users (abusive use of users credentials, lottery scam).

According to reports from Reddit and many online communities IPTorrents is suspected to disable user accounts for no reason and asking for a donation in order to have the account discovered.

2 ratings
status online online for 323 days
private tracker invite only – signups closed
blocked in 4 countries

IPTorrents Alternative Sites

Official domains used as an alternative to iptorrents.com in 2017.

Status Updates and Notes


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