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Extratorrent.ag is down

The ExtraTorrent clone extratorrent.ag is currently down. The site shows an 502 error served by Cloudflare.

ExtraTorrent.ag is another ExtraTorrent copycat miming the original site. The team behind ExtraTorrent.ag is linked to the one that hijacked the EZTV domain (and torrent site brand) and YIFY/YTS.

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site status online for 191 days
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35 comments for ExtraTorrent.ag

  • titu 9 months ago

    extratorrent.ag is fake!

    • crapcam 7 months ago

      they already state they are an alternative to extratorrent.cc

      • Piyuba 1 month ago

        Please tell me a torrent site that provides various qualities. I used to use seven torrents but now DOT has doesn’t make me to see it

  • Yash 9 months ago

    it is a complete useless & waste website

    • zilla 7 months ago

      is it only you rude all the time? you can download all hot torrents available in the scene so what is it with this attitude? I like extratorrent.ag

  • Ashu 9 months ago

    What a shithole?

  • Liks 9 months ago

    .ag is bullshit. don’t use extratorrent “mirrors”

    • gecko 7 months ago

      This is the most developed clone of extratorrent.cc actually. Thumbs up!

  • House 8 months ago

    what to you please, instead????

  • home 8 months ago

    fake site

  • Gardner 7 months ago

    Found new torrents on extratorrent.ag
    If they add all the functions of old extratorrent.cc, this could grow big.

  • mehar sameer 6 months ago

    its not working frnds extratorren.ag is useless

  • albert einstien 5 months ago

    Its Fucking class getting better every day

  • Tomcat 4 months ago

    Not bad getting better

  • egool 3 months ago

    Real site is back on – ETtorrent.xyz

    • DumpTruck 1 month ago

      The Admin is egool

    • gry 1 month ago

      to wat i see its more fucked up than .ag….i tried looking for tv series and all that came in the search was porn.

  • James 3 months ago

    When you browse a second, third or fourth page, results are identical to the first…
    If it’s not a mirror, a fake, or worse, this ‘New’ ET is VERY limited in content.
    I’ll stay away from it.

    • Nino 3 months ago

      yes i see the same situation…it’s a fake site

  • parth 2 months ago

    guys plz tell me real side
    extrattorent.ag it’s not working

  • .kg 2 months ago

    It is the best alternative to .cc as .cc no longer active in service.

  • Sarfraj khan 2 months ago

    Extratorrent please come back your really good side your all user member is wait

  • Breezy 1 month ago

    Extratorrent.ag worked just fine. These morons have no idea what they are talking about

  • https://1337.to/home/ 1 month ago


  • gry 1 month ago

    I have been using it for movies and tv series, and they are fine. However for Softwares and games the site is shit. They re filled with viruses

  • M. Asif Mughal 1 month ago

    This site .ag is good at least with movies and tv series. I’m here in Qatar and its not working since last week, any suggestion?? thanks!

    • m 1 month ago

      same here 502 error keeps popping up plz share if u have any suggestions

  • me 1 month ago

    Clone of old site but hey it works and is current so who cares

  • gaurav 1 month ago

    Current no ag no cc nothing is working.I feel bored

    • Timebandit 1 month ago

      Try – extratorrent.cd ; or extratorrents.ch ; or ettorrent.xyz ; they all work to some degree. failing that go to demonoid.pw ; have fun with these boredom stoppers.

  • Extratorrent.ag 4 weeks ago

    Please update the status. The website is online extratorrent.ag

  • Ibrahim 4 weeks ago

    Bonne continuation

  • Zargar 3 weeks ago

    its not working frnds extratorren.ag is useless

  • frankie 2 weeks ago

    etratorrent.ag was best available option…wtf it is down?

  • Down Loader 2 weeks ago

    All This Moning Just Get On With It.?????????????

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