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DesiTorrents (DT) is a private torrent tracker dedicated to desi content – movies, music and TV series from India.

Site Tags Desi Community, Desi Torrents, Bollywood, Tamil movies,, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati
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site status online for 122 days
private tracker invite only – signups closed

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21 comments for DesiTorrents

  • manas kumar mekap 1 year ago

    Like this

  • aryajayaram 1 year ago

    not able to open the site

  • DS 12 months ago

    Why are we unable to access ..?

  • DTOne 11 months ago

    great news guyz, new domain name for desitorrents :

    • Saroj Kumar 11 months ago

      Not opening

      • uma 10 months ago

    • Manubhai 11 months ago

      worked for me and they are working on the site and they will be back soon

    • Shahrukh 11 months ago

      Its working. thanks

      • ajnabi_anjana 10 months ago

        its not working

  • Team DTOne 10 months ago

    Hello Folks, Well, the time has come … we are coming online on 24th of Feb with NEW DT 🙂 🙂
    I will let you know other details in coming days… Thank you!

    Have a look on DT’s Front Page 🙂

  • xossipblog com 10 months ago

    it will be back today

  • Picin 10 months ago

    Is it coming back? Supposed to be up yesterday

  • arshad 10 months ago

    not open

  • Fabian Antao 8 months ago

    Not able to open with my login and password.
    Is there something that had changed.

  • Shaggy 8 months ago

    Hi there,
    i had access to old Desitorrents, but not on this one, so how to get access to it?

  • Shaggy 8 months ago

    Not able to open with my login and password, but it was working on the old version of desitorrents. How can I get access to it again?

  • Kashyap Soni 8 months ago

    Hello there,

    I was not able to login with my old ID & PW on new domain.
    please contact me or let me know how to register with new domain. Thanks

  • SHALIN 7 months ago

    what is 2FA

  • super 6 months ago

    anyone have the site address ?

  • Djsmamun 6 months ago

    How to create account

  • moejoe311 3 months ago

    old site was awesome wish i had access to the new one

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