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CGPeers is a private torrent tracker for all things computer graphics: tutorials, graphics software, 3D, visual effects, design and computer assisted art. CGPeers recently changed it’s domain from .com to

The torrent site is affiliated with CG Persia, a site created for connecting CG artists who need to learn, share and use the latest CG software.

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New domain is currently offline.

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Status Updates and Notes


  • fox 1 year ago

    it show error always I tried almost 16th time

  • GFXVFXXX 1 year ago

    Switch over to, domain is confirmed by cg persia.

  • zbeast 1 year ago

    I’m assuming cgpeers is currently down?

  • sheri 1 year ago

    .to domain is down…

  • Philippe 1 year ago

    what happened?

  • karthick m 1 year ago

    My cgpeers account was disabled
    how can solve that
    whats is what.CD username
    plz anyone help..plz
    my mail : karthickmk325 at

  • HellBoy 1 year ago

    Any one has account in
    send me invites….

  • Micdubz 1 year ago

    Anyone to kindly send me an invite, will really appreciate it…

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