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(updated Spetember 13, 2017)

Anime torrent community which specializes in serving completed anime or anime-related material. BakaBT is a public private torrent tracker focused on high quality anime and manga, hard to find find stuff and only completed series.

In April 2017 BakaBT turned from a semi-private tracker to a private torrent tracker.

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site status online for 179 days
private tracker invite only – signups closed

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15 comments for BakaBT

  • trixys 2 years ago

    bakaBT is down too (03/05/2017)

  • Sirosky 2 years ago

    down for me too

  • Lul 2 years ago

    BakaBT is down in France

  • titus 2 years ago

    will BakaBT come back?

  • Someone 2 years ago

    They have a Twitter for status updates.

  • hairi 1 year ago

    anyone have invite? my didnt login for sometimes and my acc is gone 🙁

  • Meo 1 year ago

    I find it pathetic bakabt only decided to become a private tracker after it had lost 60% of it’s anime series to “corporate licensing shmugs”.

  • Wolf 1 year ago

    Thats probably because you are crybaby leach bitch that never contributes anything and dont have to deal with real life legal consequences.

  • Ichigo 1 year ago

    Can anyone help me with BakabT invite? I’m pretty desperate.

  • dascarcie467 11 months ago

    Please give me account bakabt free

  • XXXXX 9 months ago

    hi any chance to have invite bakabtme ?

  • Romero 5 months ago

    Is bakaBT down or what?

  • Richard 5 months ago

    Download this app

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