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μTorrent aka uTorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client and was the most recommended torrent client because of it’s lightweight no-nonsense UI. The symbol μ is the lowercase Greek letter mu, which stands for the SI prefix micro meaning one millionth. It refers to the program’s small footprint.

uTorrent is available as ad supported free version,  ad-free version ($4.95/year) and Pro version ($19.95/year) which adds add-on features to the torrent client.

Good alternatives to uTorrent are Deluge and qBittorrent. We strongly suggest stop using uTorrent and switch to Deluge, an open-source, ad-free, free alternative to uTorrent. Not only is uTorrent in association with MPAA, it’s ad-ridden and it was alleged that uTorrent had automatically installed Riskware in 2015.

uTorrent alternatives for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux suggested by Reddit’s community and several Tech blogs are Deluge, qBittorrent, Transmission (Transmission-Qt) and Tixati.

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